Pavlodar regionwas founded on January 15, 1938. Its territory makes 124.8 thousand sq km. The region consists of three cities (Pavlodar, Ekibastuz, Aksu), five districts. 

The region is located on north-east of Kazakhstan along the both banks of Irtysh River. It borders with Omsk region of Russia in the north, Novosibirsk region in the north-east, Altay Territory of Russia in the east, East Kazakhstan and Karaganda regions in the south, Akmola and East Kazakhstan regions in the west.


Beneficial location of the region allows it to cooperate with the other countries and regions of Kazakhstan by means of South-Siberian and Central Siberian railways, roads, air, electronic, pipeline and river types of transportation.

The major part of the region is located on a steppe plain that the kazakhs call Saryarka (Yellow Plain). 

The pearl of Pavlodar region is Bayanaul – one of the most beautiful places of Kazakhstan. Zhasybai, Toraigyr, Sabyndykol lakes one among the most popular touristic places as well.

The climate of the region is extremely continental with long cold winter (5.5 months), hot and short summer (3 months). 


The region’s population reaches 745 thousand people. Representatives of over 70 nationalities including Kazakhs, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, Tatars, Belarusians and others live in the region. 


Pavlodar region is one of the main industrial regions of Kazakhstan. One of the CIS largest production complexes with the best configuration of complicated productions and enterprises involved in processing of mineral and hydrocarbon raw materials is formed in the region. 

Great natural and resource potential of the region, well-developed industrial and social infrastructure, high scientific and technical potential, its connecting role between Central Asia and Siberia attract attention of businessmen from different countries of the world.

A multysectoral industrial complex was formed in Pavlodar region. Industrial potential of the region is defined by major export-oriented industrial companies. They produce coal, electric power and heat, alumina, Ferro alloys. The region’s share in the country’s industrial production makes 7%, in coal production – 70%, in production of electricity and petrochemical products – 40%. The region has great potential for development of chemical, engineering and metal processing sectors.

About 5 thousand enterprises function in the region. The biggest of them are JSC “Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant”, “Aluminium of Kazakhstan”, regional office of Aksu Ferro Alloys Plant, JSC “Kazakhchrome”, LLP “Bogatyr Access Comir”, JSC “Eurasian Energy Corporation”, JSC “Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant”, etc. 

Besides, the region has raw materials base and production capacities necessary for processing of agricultural products. The energy heart of Kazakhstan are the biggest power stations of Ekibastuz, Aksu GRES and a number of thermal power plants serving the energy consuming enterprises of the Pavlodar industrial complex.

Special attention is also paid to agriculture. The area of farm lands of the region makes 11.2 mln ha. The region mostly produces wheat. About 15-17% of the land is sewed by the other grains. Besides, the region plants potato, vegetables and melons.

In terms of the population income level, Pavlodar region is one of the regions of the country with high level of population income exceeding the country’s average level of income of the population. 

The banking system of the region consists of 17 offices and 2 regional banks. Almost all types of insurance are presented at the insurance market. The region has opportunities for successful development of the stock exchange market and market of leasing services.

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