The GRP of the Pavlodar region for 2019 amounted to 1,142 billion tenge (the share of the GRP of the region in the GRP of Kazakhstan was %4.1). Among the regions of Kazakhstan in terms of GRP per capita, Pavlodar region is on the 8th place.

Main branches of economy


About a third of the Gross regional product is created by industrial enterprises (about 900 enterprises) 

70 % of the national coal production

3/4 of the national production of ferroalloys

40 % of electricity generation across Kazakhstan   

$ 460 billionUSA. — total value of explored and potential solid minerals

53 free deposits with approved mineral reserves

More than a quarter of the employed population works in industry


11.2 million hectares — area of agricultural land

Rich land and water resources allow for full-fledged agriculture 

Every fifth inhabitant of the region is engaged in agriculture

Large production facilities for processing products

Growth rates of economic sectors


(January-March 2020 to January-March 2019,%)



(January-March 2020 to January-March 2019,%)



(January-March 2020 to January-March 2019,%)



(January-March 2020 to January-March 2019,%)



(January-March 2020 to January-March 2019,%)



(January-March 2020 to January-March 2019,%)



Pavlodar region occupies one of the leading places in the mineral resource complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

More than a third of Kazakhstan's coal reserves are concentrated in the Pavlodar region. The largest of the fields are Ekibastuzskoye and Maikubenskoye, which store, respectively, 10.5 billion and 2.2 billion tons of energy raw materials. Nine other fields with a total coal reserve of about three billion tons are also promising for development.

The peculiarity of most of these deposits is that the coal lies in them shallowly, sometimes its layers go directly to the surface of the earth. Because of this, mining is done in an open way. During the first half-century of development of the Ekibastuz basin, more than 2 billion tons of coal were produced.

The largest copper-porphyry Deposit "Bozshakol"has been prepared for development. Ores here lie close to the surface of the earth and contain in industrial concentration not only copper, but also molybdenum, silver, and other valuable metals. The total reserves of copper in all fields are three and a half million tons.

Almost 150 tons of estimated reserves of gold deposits, which in addition to this precious metal, also contain silver, copper, zinc, barite. These metals are extracted mainly (about 300 thousand tons of ore per year, from which 300 kilograms of gold, five tons of silver and 500 tons of zinc are smelted at the Maikain Deposit.

Cobalt deposits are estimated at 14 thousand tons, Nickel-251 thousand tons, manganese-70 thousand tons. The most important feature of the ore reserves of the region is their multi-component composition: in addition to the main named metals, they contain molybdenum, beryllium, indium, thallium, gallium, cadmium, germanium, selenium, tellurium, etc.

Deposits of malachite and turquoise were found in the region. Some experts believe that there are real prerequisites for the detection of technical and jewelry diamonds.

There are no open oil and gas fields in Pavlodar Priirtyshye, however, almost half of the region's territory is occupied by the Priirtyshskaya depression, which geologists consider promising for huge reserves of hydrocarbon raw materials. Projected oil resources are estimated at 315 million tons, and gas at 148 billion cubic meters.

There are 89 deposits of so-called common minerals in the region: these are raw materials for the production of various construction materials, for the needs of industry and for other purposes. For example, the Karasor Deposit of molding Sands is the largest in the CIS. Approximately 700 million tons of the most valuable raw materials are stored by the Sukhanov Deposit of kaolin (white-burning) fire-resistant clays.

Resource and raw material base


The name of the field


11 field of Ekibastuz field, Taldykol, Shoptykol, Sarykol," Ekibastuz "section Bogatyr, "Ekibastuz" section, East section, "Ekibastuz" section, North section,


Batertas, Sarutobi, Osinovskoe



Quartz and quartzites

Pavlodar-1, Atheisme



In January-September 2019, the region's industry produced products worth 1467.5 billion tenge, which is 1.8% higher than in January-September 2018.

In the mining and quarrying industry, production increased by 7.9% in January-September 2019 compared to January-September 2018.

In the manufacturing industry in January-September 2019, there was an increase in production by 2.2%. Production of refined petroleum products increased by 3.8%, food products – by 2%, mechanical engineering-by 5.6%, chemical products - by 9.8% and metallurgical industry-by 2.4%.

In power supply, gas, steam and air conditioning, production fell by 7% due to a decrease in production, transmission and distribution of electricity by 6.6%.

In the water supply; Sewerage system, control over the collection and distribution of waste, the index of industrial production in January-September 2019 compared to January-September 2018 was 105%.

Structure of industrial production of Pavlodar region by types of economic activity in January-September 2019

Type of activity

Volume of production of industrial products (goods, services), thousand tenge

The share of activities in the regional volume of industrial production, in %

Mining and quarrying

  • Coal and lignite mining

  • Mining of metal ores

314 377 404 

96 919 211

208 581 284




Manufacturing industry

  • Food production

  • Beverage industry

958 514 759

64 673 978

2 700 046




Light industry

4 538 304


Production of petroleum products

93 819 153


Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products

29 033 952


Production of rubber and plastic products

2 774 908


Production of other non-metallic mineral products

10 031 424


Metallurgical industry

  • Ferrous metallurgy

  • Production of basic precious and non-ferrous metals

659 610 279

390 318 657

265 615 929




Production of finished metal products, except machinery and equipment

27 993 137



57 422 897


Furniture production

1 949 503


Production of other finished products

197 486


Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning

184 219 573


Water supply; Sewerage system, control over waste collection and distribution

10 356 089



1 467 467 825



The gross output of products (services) of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in January-September 2019 in the whole region amounted to 169.1 billion tenge, of which agricultural products – 168.6 billion tenge. The index of the physical volume of agricultural production was formed in the amount of 101.3%.

Gross output of products (services) of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in Pavlodar region in January-September 2019 (million tenge)

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

from it:


from it:


plant growing


169 131,9

168 570,6

78 111,7 (46,33%)

90 380,6 (53,66%)

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