Kazakhstan Investment Development Fund


«Каzakhstan Investment Development Fund»



Briefly about КIDF

Established in the year 2019 in accordance with the decree of the President of Kazakhstan and is registered in the International financial centre "Astana", which is governed by English law.


Attraction of investments into development of economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, by joint investment with foreign partners.


  • direct investments in projects/assets
  • partnerships with similar funds

The Board of Directors includes

  • Prime Minister (Chairman);
  • First Deputy Prime Minister — Minister of Finance;
  • The Minister of foreign Affairs;
  • Manager of IFCA;
  • The Chairman Of The Board;
  • Two independent Directors

Assets under management

The target value of 370 billion tenge ($1 billion)

Investment Declaration

Target partners

Foreign investors (institutional and industrial)

The amount of investment

Not more than the amount of direct investment by foreign partner

Industry investment

  • Priority sectors of government programmes;
  • agriculture;
  • infrastructure and PPP;
  • services, including tourism, polistico and it.

Investment restrictions

  • Not more than 50% ownership in the invested company/assets (consolidated};
  • funded projects/assets in the primary production of the commodity sector, in the production of alcohol, tobacco, drugs and the gambling sector;
  • "development projects from scratch" foniruyutsya only in conjunction with an industry investor, with experience, expertise and/or access to markets.

Target rate of return

  • Not less than 5% for infrastructure assets;
  • Not less than 15% for other assets.

Investment horizon

  • Up to 20 years for infrastructure assets;
  • Up to 10 years for other assets.
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