Kazakhstan and Infrastructure

Investment proposals

Kazakhstan is located on the crossroads of key international trade corridors, benefiting from participation in major logistics routes

International transport corridors passing through Kazakhstan


Volume of container cargo transit traffic through Kazakhstan by all types of transport (on the China – Europe route)

The key drivers of growth are:
  • Infrastructure development
  • Establishment of UTLC and KTZ Express
  • Nurly-Zhol programme, that an initiative directly tied into OBOR for the development of transit cargo transportation is expected to spend around USD 18 bln. on infrastructure projects.
  • Development of unified tariff policy for cargo export and transit within Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (TITR)
New Silk Road

The project develops a multi-modal logistics chain from the SEZ “Khorgos-East Gate".


The TRACECA programme is aimed at the development of transit traffic along the corridor “Europe-Caucasus-Asia".

North – South

international transport corridor will connect India with Northern Europe.

The New Silk Road can transform Kazakhstan’s role in Central Asia

The One Belt, One Road initiative’s investments aim to develop the infrastructure for transcontinental trade in Eurasia. In the long term, a significant share of trade between China and Europe may pass through this route, nearly twice faster than by sea. The opportunities for businesses in Central Asia to capitalize on new trade routes are countless.

New export markets and surplus cargo capacity on Europe - China route will benefit local industries
China - European Union
European Union - China
Cargo turnover
By 2019 $186 billion
By 2022 $700 billion
Cargo transportation time from Lianyungang in China to St. Petersburg in Russia via Western Europe – Western China transcontinental auto corridor up to 10 days

Among multimodal land routes of containers transportation from China to European Union, Iran and Turkey routes through Kazakhstan are the most efficient in terms of time and infrastructure conditions

Alternative international trade routes in the region Advantages and opportunities of the routes via Kazakhstan
  • Short delivery time

    13-15 days from Shanghai to Turkey against 24 days by shipping via Suez Canal

  • Simplification of customs procedures

    It is expected that a process of transit clearance will be simplified due to implementation of new customs code

  • Implementation of through tariff

    Development of unified tariff policy for cargo export and transit within Trans-Caspian International Transport Route

Drivers of transit growth via Kazakhstan
Active economic growth of China
(4.6% CAGR up to 2040) and export/import trade
Further infrastructure development:
Expansion of the dry port “Khorgos – East Gate”, rail and auto roads construction
Handling capacities expansion:
Volume of container transportation could be increased up to 400 thousand TEUs by 2030
Infrastructure investment as a key growth factor for both transcontinental trade and Kazakhstan’s economy

Growing volumes of international transit traffic through Kazakhstan:
for the past 5 years the growth was 25x, while only in 2017 the volume of container traffic between China - Europe transited through Kazakhstan increased by 90%. It is expected that by 2030 overall transit traffic volume may show another 2,5x growth.
Central Asian trade development: volumes of mutual trade between Kazakhstan and Iran, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan exceeded 2.5 billion USD in 2016 supported by developing export potential of Kazakhstan for selected cargoes.
Infrastructure investments over the corridor: investment into transport and logistics infrastructure is implemented through all parts of the New Silk Road trade corridor (Khorgos, Zhezkazgan-Saksaulskaya, Shalkar-Beineu, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars, Anaklia port);
Expansion of ports handling capacities in importing countries (Iran, Azerbaijan) is in progress, while existing certain limitation of Kazakhstan’s terminal capacities for selected cargoes; Infrastructure investments will contribute between 0.1% and 0.2% annually to Kazakhstan's economic growth over the next decade.

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